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We teach you how to leverage diversity and inclusion as a powerful business differentiator through in-person and virtual training, globally recognized diversity certification credentialing, and strategic consulting designed to meet your needs.

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The Standard of Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion Education and Consulting.

Your organization’s greatest asset is its people

Creating an environment where everyone matters has never been more essential. Differing perspectives, conflicting agendas, limited data and metrics – even the fact that diversity means different things to different people – can pose barriers and stifle progress.

Our practical solutions flip that script! The Gatson Group meets you where you are on your D&I journey and provides a clear understanding of the road ahead so you can implement inclusive practices that improve company culture, deepen employee trust and commitment, and drive stronger business results.

Felicia Johnhson Diversity & Inclusion Education

Whether your organization has no formal D&I initiatives, needs to take an existing effort to the next level, or is experiencing a unique challenge, The Gatson Group can offer tailored solutions to meet you where you are on your D&I journey.

Proven Experience in Diversity, Inclusion, & Leadership Consulting Services.

We design customized inclusion-based solutions and strategies for commercial, non-profit, and
government organizations to increase employee engagement, communication, and overall performance.


Diversity & Inclusion Certification

A 3-Day Immersive Academy offering the #1 DEI Certification in the World. The CDP® and CDE® credentials are the gold standard for diversity certification.


Maxwell Leadership™ Certified Team

Certified Speaker, Coach, and Trainer utilizing content, resources, and materials from the No. 1 leadership expert.


Signature Workshops

Signature workshops developed for leaders, individual contributors, and all employees that support your inclusion journey.


Additional Team Building and Development Services

From 1:1 coaching sessions to group listening sessions, our services are designed with YOU in mind.

Your Pathway to an Inclusive Experience and Improved Business Results.

As we navigate an ever-evolving business landscape, the importance of diversity and inclusion has never been more apparent.

Companies that prioritize diversity not only foster a more inclusive workplace but also gain a competitive edge in today’s increasingly diverse marketplace.

Your success story begins with a conversation.

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Felicia Johnson MBA, CDP® (Certified Diversity Professional), CDE® (Certified Diversity Executive) is the Founder and Managing Director of The Gatson Group, a diversity and inclusion training and consulting firm.

Felicia Johnson

Proven Experience in Diversity, Inclusion, & Leadership Consulting Services.

Proven Experience in Consultancy


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