Signature Workshops

Signature Workshops
Signature Workshops

The Gatson Group offers Signature Workshops created and customized to your unique needs. These workshops explore key competencies and offer proven strategies to increase employee performance and organizational effectiveness.

These Signature Workshops offer the following:

  • An enhanced understanding of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Skills to increase effective communications
  • Identify and enhance organizational strategies that increase leadership competencies and overall organizational effectiveness.

    Diversity and Inclusion Training Workshops

    • Principles of Inclusive Leadership
      Research indicates that organizations operating inclusively have stronger business results, higher employee satisfaction, and better talent pool selection. As the workplace becomes more diverse, organizations are beginning to recognize that inclusive leadership is a critical skill. This course explores four key principles of inclusive leadership and seeks to identify key strategies that increase inclusive leadership competencies and organizational effectiveness.
    • Your Role in Workplace Inclusion
      This workshop provides every member of an organization with the understanding needed to support inclusion in the workplace by identifying the differences between diversity and inclusion, increasing awareness of attitudes towards diversity, and identifying effective strategies and best practices that work at all levels.
    • Is Your Bias Showing?
      Each of us have bias of some kind. This workshop aides participants in identifying the key forms of bias and teaches strategies for recognizing institutionalized bias and the impact it has on the organization. We will also discuss practical tips that can be implemented quickly to support a more inclusive workplace.
    • Inclusive Mind, Competent Hearts: A Cultural Workshop
      Explore the intricacies of diversity and inclusion, with the goal of cultivating an inclusive mindset and nurturing competent hearts. Through interactive activities and guided reflections, our aim is to foster a deeper appreciation for diverse perspectives and provide practical tools to navigate cultural nuances successfully.
    • Global Voices, Local Understanding: Cultural Competency
      In an increasingly interconnected world, embracing cultural diversity is essential. This workshop invites participants to explore the dynamic interplay between global perspectives and local contexts, fostering a deeper understanding of cultural nuances.
    • Embracing Perspectives: The Path to Cultural Competency
      This interactive session invites participants to explore the foundations of cultural competency, offering insights into the power of embracing different viewpoints. Through open dialogue and discussion, attendees will develop the skills and awareness needed to successfully navigate a globalized society with respect, empathy, and a genuine appreciation for diversity and inclusion.

      We have also partnered with the Ready for Next Academy (RFN) to offer the following continuing education courses:

      Diversity and Inclusion
      A comprehensive look at how diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging directly influence your business outcomes in our increasingly globalized world. Discover ways to decrease attrition by harnessing and appreciating the power of your people.

      Diversity and Inclusion Onboarding Program
      Help new and existing employees succeed on a diverse team. This program is developed as a first step in implementing diversity and inclusion practices that are accessible and meaningful for employees.

      The Power of Understanding Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging
      An introduction to the foundational concepts of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. Learn how and why diversity and inclusion can drive collaboration, innovation, and performance in a workplace.

      Standalone Training Offerings:

      The Gatson Group wants to be known for more than our diversity and inclusion efforts. Our standalone training offerings include:

      • Unconscious bias
      • Disability awareness
      • Micro-aggressions
      • Return to Office
      • Employee engagement
      • Inclusive leadership
      • Professional and Leadership development
      • Generations in the workplace

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